We are having highly skilled manpower from various deciplines. We understand our clients and provide optimum solutions. We provide following services:


IDG offers prudent research and advisory services backed by a team of seasoned professionals and consultants who bring onboard diverse industry experiences.


With huge potential and ongoing adoption of technology in both private and government sector, we at IDG have positioned ourselves as solutions provider for specific and customized needs.


At IDG we believe that “training is the essence of development and that there cannot be progressive career development without effective training”.

HR and OPS

Human Resource Management is integral part of any organization whether operating in the Private or Government sector. Understanding HR needs of today, IDG is equipped to offer to its clients a bouquet of services...


Ensuring quality and performance of any individual / entity necessitates Testing. IDG is dedicated to enhancing operational performance of our clients by providing testing support services in diverse domains and service areas.


With a diverse range services offered and client interest as our priority, it is imperative to provide strong support network. At IDG, we treat SUPPORT as a service area which is vital part and backbone of our operations.